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DIY Router Sled Kit Information

DIY Router Sleds

The DIY Router Sled Kits should be available by early April, 2023. They currently are not listed on the website for sale. The following is provided for pre-sale information. To receive an early notification email, add your email address to our Subscriber List.

Over the past several months, we’ve been testing various designs of router sleds, commonly used to flatten live edge slabs, epoxy projects, cutting boards, and other wood projects that are too large to pass through a conventional thickness planer.  These sleds have become very popular lately and we thought we’d design our own sled that would work with our TRACKTUBES™ extrusion.  The idea was to design a kit with all the essential parts and hardware so a customer could purchase the necessary linear rails and extrusions online and use our DIY Router Sled Kit to quickly assemble their own sled for an affordable price. Due to the availability of t-slot extrusions and round linear rails on Amazon and other online sources, we focused on incorporating these into our sled designs.  After months of testing different designs, we finally settled on offering two different DIY Router Sled Kits, which are described below.


Our Basic DIY Router Sled Kit is perfect for those who want to assemble a basic, but functional, sled for the lowest cost.  This sled kit is designed to use 20mm round linear rails for the x-axis (router base/gantry assembly) and 16mm round rails for the y-axis (length).  These types of rails are hardened and chromed and use ball bearing blocks for linear movement on the rail.  Due to their availability for purchase through Amazon and other online sources, these style rails are commonly used for DIY router sleds.  When purchasing online, a pair of rails should include the required bearing blocks.  The 20mm rails also include 4 rail supports, which are needed to assemble the 20mm rails to the SBR16 rail mounting bracket.  Our sled kit takes all the guess work out of assembling your sled.  The kit includes a cast acrylic base, anodized aluminum mounting brackets, and all the hardware necessary to quickly assemble your sled.

The Basic DIY Router Sled Kit is priced at $259.  When purchasing this kit, you will also need to purchase a pair of SC20mm round linear rails for the x-axis and a pair of SBR16 round linear rails for the y-axis.  Both pairs of rails can be purchased on Amazon, Ebay,  and other online sources in various lengths.  Prices vary depending on length and vendor, but the average price for a pair of SC20mm x 1000mm (39”) round rails is around $60 and a pair of SBR16mm x 1500mm (59”) rails is about $80.  With the price of our DIY Basic Kit at only $259, your total investment will be approximately $399, which is a substantial savings from purchasing a similar sled, that also requires assembly.  If purchased at the time you purchase our sled kit, you can also add our two-part dust collection brushes for only $29.


Our LGD Premium Kit was designed to use a pair of TRACKTUBES™ for the y-axis. This kit includes a pair of 42” dual axis linear rails, hard anodized aluminum base, mounting brackets, our two-piece dust collection, and all the hardware necessary to assemble your sled.  The dual axis rails are hardened steel and chromed and pressed into a specially designed aluminum extrusion.  The roller guides used for linear motion have 4 sealed, double row, deep groove ball bearings.  This style of roller guide is much smoother, quieter, and dust resistant than the bearing blocks used with the Basic Kit’s round rails.  The x-axis gantry assembly uses a specially designed UHMW “XGlide” that slides smoothly on the TRACKTUBES™ extrusion. For a limited time, the LGD Premium Sled Kit x-axis gantry assembly will be shipped fully assembled and ready to work right out of the box. 

The LGD Premium Router Sled Kit is priced at $658, which includes a pair of 72" TRACKTUBES™ for the y-axis.  When purchased separately, without the TRACKTUBES™, the kit price is only $499.  

For additional pre-sale information, follow us on our new IG account @diyroutersleds. This is where we will be adding new posts, stories and reels to show the sleds many features as we get closer to the launch.

Thank you for your interest in our new DIY Router Sled Kits and please feel free to contact us with any questions.