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LGD Premium Router Sled Gantry Kit

DIY Router Sleds

Welcome to the LGD Premium Router Sled Gantry Kit Information Page.  The purpose of this page is to answer the most commonly asked questions, as well as provide other useful information prior to ordering your sled.

In 2019 we began testing various designs of router sleds, commonly used to flatten live edge slabs, epoxy projects, cutting boards, and other wood projects. These sleds have become very popular and we thought we’d design our own sled gantry to pair with our TRACKTUBES™ extrusion.  The idea was to design a kit with all the essential parts and hardware so a customer could purchase the necessary extrusions online and use our DIY Router Sled Gantry Kit to quickly assemble their own sled for the lowest price possible. Due to the availability of t-slot extrusions from a variety of vendors online, we focused on incorporating these into our sled design. After months of testing several different designs, we launched our router sled gantry assembly using an extrusion frame with dual axis linear rails. We call this our LGD Premium Router Sled Gantry Kit.


Our LGD Premium Router Sled Gantry Kit was designed to be used with a pair of our TRACKTUBES™ extrusion, which must be purchased separatey. The gantry kit includes a pair of 42” dual axis linear rails, hard anodized aluminum base, mounting brackets, our two-piece dust collection, and all the hardware necessary to assemble your sled.  The dual axis rails are hardened steel and chromed and pressed into a specially designed aluminum extrusion.  The linear rails are mounted to an aluminum t-slot frame, which makes it very rigid and versatile for attaching accessories. The roller guides used for linear motion have 4 sealed, double row, deep groove ball bearings.  This style of roller guide is much smoother, quieter, and dust resistant than the bearing blocks used with round linear rails you've probably seen used in other sled designs.  The x-axis gantry assembly has been updated to include 4 polyrethane covered bearings, mounted to specially designed bearing brackets.  These brackets also serve as dust shields, sealing off the bearing chamber and preventing dust from building up on the y axis rails.  The bearing brackets were designed to be used with our TRACKTUBES™ extrusion for the Y axis. The 42" frame length is perfect for mounting to a bench no wider than 39.5", and has a maximum planing depth of approximately 24.5" with the two-part dust collection boots attached and 30.5" without.  Perfect for DIYers, home hobbyists, and all Makers who want the highest quality portable sled for planing small to medium sized wood and epoxy projects at an affordable price. The type of project that's too wide, long, or heavy to put through your thickness planer.


During our testing of the sled with different routers, we really came to prefer the popular Triton 3.25 hp Plunge Router (TRA001) due to it's ease of installation and unique height adjustment design.  The Triton has thru holes in the base that allow it to be easily attached to the sled's aluminum base by using two threaded knobs and our pre-tapped holes in the aluminum base.  All done from the top, without the need for drilling holes or using the acrylic sub-base available for other routers. The height adjustment mechanism on the Triton is absolutely the best method on any router we've used to quickly make fine adjustments when planing.


For other router models, an acrylic sub-base is available that will accept any router with a bases diameter of 7" or less.  Currently, the sub-base comes blank, without any router mounting holes, so it is necessary to drill the mounting holes for the router being used.  When drilling mounting holes in the sub-base, you must drill a pocket for the head of the screw, so the sub-base sits flat on the main aluminum base.  Once the sub-base is attached to the router, the sub-base quickly attaches to the aluminum base with pre-tapped mounting holes and threaded knobs. Here's a link to one of our Instagram Reels, explaining this further.


The LGD Premium Router Sled Gantry Kit has an introductory price of only $449.
For a limited time, all LGD Premium Router Sled Gantry Kits purchased will be built, tested, and shipped fully assembled via UPS Ground Shipping. All purchases will be processed in the order received. This will expand the shipping time a bit, but when you receive your sled it will be ready to work right out of the box. All you need to add is your router and desired length of TRACKTUBES™, which must be purchased separately. 

For additional pre-sale information, follow us on our new IG account @diyroutersleds. This is where we will be adding new posts, stories, and reels to show the sleds many features as we get closer to the launch.

To view additional videos, here's a direct link to our IG Reels page.
Link to view our LGD Premium Rotuer Sled Setup Page.

Thank you for your interest in our new DIY Router Sled Kits and please feel free to contact us with any questions.



Note: We are continuously updating this page with the latest information, so please check back prior to ordering. For questions about the sled kits,  you can also email us direct at