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Welcome to the TrackTubes Information Page.  The purpose of this page is to answer the most commonly asked questions, as well as provide other useful information prior to ordering your TrackTubes.

TrackTubes were originally designed to be used as sawhorse supports, but have many other uses, such as router leveling sleds, miter saw and drill press fences, and built into workbenches for material support extensions.  The versatility is endless and only limited by your imagination and creativity.


TrackTubes are a high quality, clear anodized aluminum extrusion, manufactured here in the USA.  They are sized (1.5" x 2.75") to fit in the notches of commercially available sawhorses that are designed to fit dimensional 2x4's for work support. The new design of the aluminum profile includes 2 T-tracks.  These tracks are sized to fit most of the the screw style track clamps used with track saw rails and MFT style tops, including Festool, Bessey, DeWalt, Makita, and Micro-jig.  The track will also accept 1/4"-20 TPI hex-head nuts and bolts and other accessories designed for 1/4" T-track.


All TrackTubes are sold, priced, and shipped in pairs (two).  For 2023, the price for a pair of the 72" length is $179 and 90" length is $199.  The cut length may vary slightly +/- 1/8".  All purchases can be completed through the ecommerce function of our website,


All orders are normally shipped within 48 hours by either UPS or USPS from our warehouse in Bristol, Tennessee.  All orders will receive email notification of the shipment with the tracking number.  If you add your cell phone number in checkout, you will also receive shipping updates via text messages.  Most shipments should arrive within 3-7 days of your order, dependent on the day of the week ordered and shipping address.  Unfortunately, we currently only ship to addresses in the United States (lower 48 only).  Due to the package length, the cost of shipping the TrackTubes extrusion internationally is too expensive.


Please use care when handling your new tubes.  All extrusions are pre-cut at the factory and there may still be aluminum burrs and/or sharp corners which need to be removed/dulled.  This can easily be done with sandpaper or a file.  Please inspect your tubes for damage and notify us immediately if there is a problem. Although we take the utmost care in handling and packaging the tubes, due to the manufacturing process (handling, cutting, bundling and transportation) of bulk aluminum extrusions it is impossible to prevent minor scrapes and scratches.   Minor surface scratches are considered normal condition for these types of extrusions.  Additionally, the tube ends may have visible "rack marks," made by the clips that hold the extrusions during the anodizing process.  These marks are a discoloration in the anodized finish, and affect 1" or less of each end. The discoloration is only cosmetic and does not alter the functionality of the tubes in any way. 

Thank you for your interest in TrackTubes and feel free to contact us with any questions.


The TrackTubes Team

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