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What are Track Tubes?

The first question you may have is …  what exactly are Track Tubes?  Check out the video to get a quick introduction to Track Tubes or go to Track Tubes: Just an Idea, to get the long version.  The short version is they are a pair of specially designed rectangular aluminum tubes used for quickly setting up a multi-function work station.  The tubes have a T-track on one side and modified miter style track on the other, so clamps and jigs used on stationary benches can also be used with the Track Tubes.  Although they were designed to be used with sawhorses, they work great on any supporting base to create an elevated work surface.  Supporting bases include the garage floor, work benches, mobile project centers, folding tables, and even the kitchen table.  Pretty much any flat surface where you want to do your work.  All components of the Track Tubes, such as the elevated cross members and slides/stops, store within the cavity of the hollow tube, making for a convenient and truly portable solution.  Bottom line … they are the lightest, most compact, and most versatile work station on the planet.  So if you’re a hobbyist, woodworker, DIYer, or just need a place to complete a project once in a while, it just makes sense, Support Your Wood with Track Tubes.

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