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Track Tubes:  Easy Glue-Ups

Track Tubes: Easy Glue-Ups

All woodworkers use some style of pipe or bar clamp for assembly and panel glue-ups.  Because most of us working in our garage or small shop have limited bench space, Track Tubes provide a fast and easy way to complete your clamping tasks and save this valuable bench space for other work.  When used as a portable clamping rack, Track Tubes can be customized in many configurations.  The specially designed clamping blocks can be used in either the T-track or benchdog hole.   The blocks hold your clamps securely in the upright position and can be easily be slid on the track, or placed in the desired hole, for the proper spacing of clamps.   No more fiddling with the clamps to get them aligned and positioned perfectly for your glue-ups … it’s like having an extra hand.  So if you need an extra hand in your shop, Track Tubes might just be the perfect solution.  Why not work smarter, not harder, and Support Your Wood .. and clamps .. with Track Tubes.

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