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No Wife Required With Track Tubes

No Wife Required with Track Tubes

We all love our wives or significant others … well, most of us.  They’re not only our best friends and partners in life, but the first person we normally call on when we need an extra hand in the shop.  For me, this usually meant I needed my wife to stand-in for a proper outfeed table when ripping long panels on the table-saw.  For years I thought I was the only one who used this method .. guess what .. I’m not.  As I began showing and describing my Track Tubes to friends and other acquaintances, a common theme developed … wives all over the country are helping their woodworking husbands in the shop, and most were not fans of sawdust.  After describing how well Track Tubes worked as a panel cutting table, where a single person could quickly, easily and safely cut down full sheets of ply or MDF,  I regularly would hear comments like .. “Good,  I won’t have to use the wife anymore”  and (wife) “does this mean I won’t have to hold the other end of the board for him.”  As I heard these comments over and over again it became clear to me I had stumbled on to  one of the biggest selling (or buying) features of the tubes …. NO WIFE REQUIRED!   Enough said .. get your set of Track Tubes today … “Happy Wife – Happy Life.”


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