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Festool MFT Slot Jig

When I first started using Festool products a couple years ago, one of the first items I purchased was an MFT3 (Multi-Function Table).  I ended up selling my MFT (that’s another story), but really liked the versatility of the MFT top, with its grid of 20 mm holes.  When I started working on the Track Tubes Project, I purchased a Festool MFT replacement top to be used as my portable work surface.  I wanted to use some of the other clamps I had hanging on the wall, so I came up with a simple template to rout slots in the top.  The template allows me to use a couple bench dogs to “pin” the template securely in a couple existing 20 mm holes, then use a 30 mm guide bushing and 20 mm router bit to quickly plunge and rout a slot between two existing holes.  This 20 mm x 116 mm slot is perfect for using many of the other clamps I own.  To use even larger clamps, a pattern bit can be used with the template to rout a 30 mm x 126 mm slot.  Although there are a number of ways to accomplish this same task, this special template gives me a  quick and easy way of routing very accurate slots in my tops.  If you find yourself wanting slots in your top, maybe this jig will work for you.

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