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Easy Video Stand

As I began making videos for The Track Tubes Project, it didn’t take long to realize how much extra time it took to complete a project in the shop … not to mention the time spent at the computer to edit the different clips and come up with a final video to publish online.  One of the most time consuming things for me was the need to continuously move my tripod around the shop and adjust it for the perfect shot.  It certainly gave me a new appreciation for the woodworkers and DIYers whose YouTube channels I follow and put out new videos on a regular basis.  After receiving the first shipment of my Track Tubes a light went off in my head as I realized a section of the Track Tube would make a great stand for my iPhone and GoPro camera.  I went online and found the RetiCAM iPhone holder and knew this is what I needed.  After ordering and receiving the RetiCAM, I used some scrap plywood to make a quick base for the Track Tube and attached the RetiCAM to another scrap of black MDF.  The whole project took less than an hour.  I can’t believe how much better this DIY stand works than my old tripod.  The main time-saver is being able to use a single knob and slide the camera base up and down the track for the height adjustment, vs. having to adjust three separate tripod legs and a crank to fine tune the height.  I’ve also noticed how much less of a footprint the Track Tube Video Stand takes up, allowing me to position the stand in places a three-legged tripod would not fit.  All in all, this has proved to be a much better (and much less expensive) solution for taking videos of my projects in the shop.  Just another example that the specially designed T-Track Tube will do more than just Support Your Wood … it also will Support Your Camera.

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