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DIY Miter Saw Fence

Although I originally designed Track Tubes to be used with sawhorses as a Track Saw Station and portable panel cutting solution, they are quickly becoming a popular extrusion for many other uses.  In this short video I show how I used a couple short sections of Track Tube to build a fence for my miter saw station, complete with stop blocks and self-stick measuring tape,  The project only took an hour or so and really works great for repetitive cuts!  Check out the video and remember to Support Your Wood with Track Tubes!

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  1. I have a very small idea. My work is in the field sosetting up table is an awesome idea. For a mitre stand to add an adjustable up right to hold longer material.would be better than great. There are many ideas on line most costing $ 450.00 and seem to be fragile and not offering an easy way to carry.

  2. I like it. Nice idea. After I move. I will see about setting up a portable stand with tubes.and horses. I will see you soon I hope. I’m sure Fred will tell moving not easy. Thank you for response. Fence is great

  3. Looks like a great use for the track tubes and I’m anxious to get my hands on them. I am curious to find out what the black covering is on the particle board or the name of the product used to build the workstation.

    1. Dean … The plywood product I use is called Nupoly Quadfloor. It is manufactured by Nudo ( and commonly used for trailer flooring, boat flooring, and many other products. The ply I have is actually marine grade plywood, laminated with a textured HDPE surface. I was lucky to find a distributor who was liquidating a couple units, so I purchased it at a substantial savings. It may be difficult to find a source locally, as it usually is sold to distributors/companies for specific applications and is very expensive. I would be willing to cut some panels down and ship them to you, but would have to check shipping prices to see if feasible. Email me directly if interested @

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