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Thanks for your interest in my T-Track Tubes.  Due to the number of inquiries I’ve received about the tubes, I have set up this information page to answer FAQ’s, as well as provide other general information.  As I move forward with the Track Tubes Project I will update this page periodically.

The information on this page was last updated:  July 2019

Current Availability:

Note:  Since I only have a very limited number of the 72″ length Track Tubes left, I’ve disabled my website store and will be processing orders manually.  If you’d like to purchase a pair (2) of the 72″ length tubes, please use the Contact form, or call me direct.  Include the number of pairs you’d like to order, your shipping address, phone, and email address.  I’ll get right back to you with confirmation of your order and payment options.  I appreciate your interest in my Track Tubes and apologize for any inconvenience. 

About the T-Track Tube Extrusion:

Although the T-Track Tube extrusion was originally designed to be used with sawhorses as part of a Track Saw Station and portable panel cutting solution, they can be customized for many other uses, both in and out of the shop.  The tubes have been customized to be used as Miter Saw and Drill Press fences, Video/Camera stands, Clamping Racks, Router Sled Supports, and many other specialized tasks.  They are very high quality aluminum extrusions, designed for DIY modifications,  and proudly Made in the USA.

Design Features:

I had several design ideas for the extrusion, but finally decided on a hollow extrusion with a single T-Track incorporated on one of the narrow sides of the tubes (top).  The wall of the tube is .100″ thick and the outside dimensions of the tube is 1.5″ x 2.75″, so they fit perfectly in the notches many sawhorses have that are designed for dimensional lumber supports. The weight of the tube is approximately 1 lb. per foot.  The T-Track incorporated in the tube is sized to accommodate most, if not all, the different brands of track clamps, including Festool, Bessey, and Micro-Jig, and will also accept 1/4″-20 hex-head bolts for slides and other custom jigs and accessories.  Since the tubes are designed to be customized, there is a shallow V-groove scored in the bottom of the T-Track and opposite flat side (bottom), which makes it easy to center and drill holes.  The ridges on both sides of the tubes also make is easy to reference locations for drilling holes or machining slots.  The hollow cavity of the tube is ideal for storing cross-members, slides and other parts for storage and transportation, and/or for using as a receiver for a telescoping support arm.  The aluminum extrusion is made of 6063-T5 aluminum and clear anodized for durability and appearance.

Lengths and Cost:

T-Track Tube extrusions are available in 72″ and 90″ lengths.   The cost for a pair of 72″ tubes is $129 and 90″ tubes $149.  For a limited time there is FREE shipping in the contiguous United States (lower 48).  I do not ship internationally at this time.

Additional Information:

Your T-Track Tubes will be cut from longer lengths of the extrusion and are shipped to me on pallets with a paper interleave to protect the surfaces.  Since the tubes are anodized the ends will have “rack marks,” which is where clips are placed on the tubes when dipped into the anodizing tank.  These marks only affect approximately 1/2″ of each end and are only cosmetic.  They do not affect the functionality of the tubes in any way.  The utmost care is taken to protect the anodized surface finish, however, due to the nature of how extrusions are handled during the manufacturing process, loading, shipping,  and cutting, it is possible to have minor surface scratches.  This is common in any aluminum extrusion product.  The cut ends of the tubes are deburred prior to shipping, but be cautious when unpacking and handling, as the edges can be sharp and some smaller burrs may be still be attached.  A light sanding or filing will remove any remaining burrs and dull the edges.

Thank you for reading this information sheet. If you have any questions about the tubes, please feel free to email or call.  I look forward to helping you in any way I can.

Glenn Revheim
Woodworker and Product Designer