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A little about our journey


Like many products, it all started with an idea to solve a problem (you can read the long version of “Just an Idea” in my blog, but for now I’ll keep this short).  My problem was never having enough bench space in my shop which, like many woodworkers and DIYers,  is set up in a small section of my garage.  To solve this problem,  I use my sawhorses a lot!  I also purchased a couple different brands of so-called “mobile” work tables, but they all fell short of my expectations in one way or another.  I set out to design and build a truely portable work station, starting with the oldest and most commonly used supporting base on the planet … sawhorses.  We all have them, so lets put them to use more effectively.  The idea was to replace the 2×4’s usually used between sawhorses to set up a work station with a pair of rectangular aluminum tubes.  This would be a permanent solution and I wouldn’t have to deal with the twisting and warping of wood supports.  The tubes would be designed with T-tracks and bench dog holes, so I could use the same jigs and clamps I used on my stationary benches.  I would also have self-storing cross members and adjustable slides/stops so I could easily set up a panel cutting table and track saw station, which was one of the primary tasks I would use them for.  Finally, it had to be light, compact, and portable.  With all this is mind I went to work and came up with Track Tubes.  As I used them in the shop I realized they were more useful than I had imagined.  I found myself using the Track Tubes for tasks I normally would use my stationary benches for.  I knew from my own use and comments I received I had a winner!   CAD drawings were completed and 3D models were rendered.  Now, it was time to show them off and see where I could take this.  Not sure where it will end up, but moving forward and enjoying the journey, every minute of it!


After months of design, building prototypes, and talking with industry experts, the first production run of the specially designed aluminum extrusions were ordered in early 2018.   The response was incredible and the limited quantity that was available for sale sold out quickly.  The second production run has now been ordered and should be arriving late fall of 2018.  Once again, there will be a limited quantity available for sale, so don’t miss out on this special opportunity … register and reserve your place in line now.  There is absolutely no obligation to purchase and we won’t use your information for any purpose other than notifying you when the tubes have arrived.  Please check out our FAQ page for updated information.


We’ll continue to spread the word about The Track Tubes Project through online forums and social media channels.   We expect the 2nd production run to sell quickly and will be ordering another batch in early 2019.    Thanks for your interest in The Track Tubes Project and be sure to … Support Your Wood with Track Tubes.