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DIY Miter Saw Fence

Although I originally designed Track Tubes to be used with sawhorses as a Track Saw Station and portable panel cutting solution, they are quickly becoming a popular extrusion for many other uses.  In this short video I show how I…


Awesome Double-Sided Tape

One of the cool things about the Track Tubes aluminum extrusion is it can easily be customized for a particular use.  Early on in the design I realized a second track on the bottom of the tube would be handy…


Easy Video Stand

As I began making videos for The Track Tubes Project, it didn't take long to realize how much extra time it took to complete a project in the shop ... not to mention the time spent at the computer to…


Track Tubes Have Arrived!

Over the past few months, I've been recovering from hip replacement surgery and anxiously waiting for the first production run of the T-Track Tubes aluminum extrusion to arrive.  Well, I'm excited to announce they're here!  The heavy duty, beautifully-anodized aluminum…

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